The concept of a PSO has its origins in the national Patient Safety and Quality Act of 2005 and the corresponding regula¬tions issued by Department of Health and Human Services.
A PSO is an organization that is developed to help physicians and other health care providers to share and analyze clinical outcomes and data associated with patient safety in a HIPAA compliant manner, protected from legal discovery, as part of a quality improvement initiative.
This infrastructure, along with certain other procedural safe¬guards such as business associate agreements between the SNIS PSO and M2S, allows the collection of clinical data associated for quality improvement pur¬poses without requiring individual patient consent or prior approval from an Institutional Review Board (IRB).

In addition, the SNIS PSO benchmarking gives institutions the ability to create registry-based quality initiatives and national and module comparisons. Benchmarking facilitates comparisons of device effectiveness and delivers a comprehensive quality improvement mechanism for NVQI participants.

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